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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lately, I have been struggling with feeling inspired. I am projects in mind that I want to create but I feel like I am just ripping off ideas from Pinterest....not that that is a bad thing at all! I just really pride myself on being unique and I like adding my own twist to things. But the twist has been lacking lately.

lace turban headband
headband inspiration

When I want to be inspired, I love visiting my favorite blog: A Beautiful Mess....I love the style of the Elise & Emma, they are so crafty and come up with these great ideas on their own! I can hardly believe it. So I was reading through their blog today and I came across this article on how to stay inspired. There are 5 Tips to get your creative juices going...I plan on implementing a few! Click here to read the article.

Great Idea for home office
DIY inspiration

*I want to make my own special inspiration smash book that I can write down ideas in....
*Elise's article talks about finding a muse that you can research and learn more about....I think mine would be learning more about mixed media/art journaling techniques...this always makes me feel more creative!
*I want to be afraid to not take risks in my crafting....I am sometimes afraid of doing this with sewing. I want to dive right in on a project that I think is difficult to achieve...we'll see how that works out!

love the photo display
Paper Inspiration

What keeps you feeling inspired and creative? I'd love to hear your ideas! 

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